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ftm_meets_world's Journal

FtM Meets World: Day to Day Life as a Guy
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A place for transguys to talk about guy issues (vs. passing issues).
There are many communities out there that focus on the "trans" experience of transition: how to bind your chest, the steps to physically transition, coming out, whether or not we pass.

But what happens after we start passing? How do we orient ourselves in the world as themen/boys/guys/dudes/bois we've always been? What does the world expect from us when we are perceived as men?
From things as varied as:
*how do you tie a tie?
*how do you cruise as a queer man (or straight man)?
*what is the role of men in the feminist movement?
*what are the expectations people have of us when they assume we were born male?
*what do different head nods mean from other guys?
*what do partners suddenly expect from us as boyfriends/husbands/partners?

This community is designed to talk about all the things we're suddenly faced with once the world begins to perceive us as male. Transition can involve a sharp learning curve as we adjust to the world seeing us finally as ourselves - with surprising expectations and assumptions. This forum is designed to help you out as you navigate that journey.


* This community currently has open membership. It is a space specifically designed for transmen of all cultures, sizes, abilities, sexual orientations and ages navigating life as male. Let's all respect each other and keep it friendly, OK?

*The emphasis of this community is on navigating life as a male. If you identify as something else - you are welcome to join, but please keep this emphasis in mind... cool?